How do I join?

Simply signup with our easy on-boarding process and we can get you going in as little as a few minutes!

Is there KYC?

Our info product is subscription only for the Sell-Side. There is no KYC.

What makes you so special?

AX420 is the first platform specifically aligning analytes to medical conditions to products in the cannabis industry. You’ll see why we are special when you sign up and find out what you can do.

Can I send cryptocurrency?

Yes. At launch, we will accept BTC, USD and CAD. Shortly thereafter we will onboard ETH and USDT.

What is in your roadmap?

Q4 2021 is our release date!

Do you have any bonus programs?

AX420 intends to build a rewards program for repeat users to obtain free services or AX420 swap.

Are cultivators forced to provide lab testings results?

No but we cannot display their products without the CoA. The results are offered by the cultivator to create transparency for their product. In some cases, they may wish to retain their privacy. AX420 respects the privacy of its users.

How do you protect our privacy?

We use encryption to ensure that data deemed private, stays private! Our team has experience in the cannabis industry and the financial markets. As such, they understand privacy in the strictest of terms. AX420 never sells or otherwise conveys private data to any independent third party.

What are the benefits of an annual membership?

Our annual membership offers guaranteed discounts on services and additional bonuses for loyalty for a single low monthly fee. Increase the discount by paying annually. Join our “discord” and check out the details of our programs @ “discord link here”.

What are the benefits of buying an “exchange seat”?

Coming Soon

What are the benefits of renting an “exchange seat”?

Coming Soon.

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